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my canvas diary...

I am a self taught artist, who began painting a little over 7 years ago. Little did I know that my new hobby would become my new life. With each painting, I realized that I was slowly working thru my past, entering my present, and I eventually began painting my future also.  

I experience and see life in images... images that eventually make it to the canvas, using symbolism and surrealism to  represent my thoughts, my feelings, both good and bad, my ideas, my beliefs... and even to send those messages out to others. My favorite saying is "I hope you see something you would like to hear."

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                        "My new book,The Journey"

                           I created this book firstly for myself...

                           to reflect on the emotional and spiritual accomplishments I've made in my life... but also in hope of helping others realize what has taken me a lifetime. 


You can order my book in either 
hard or
soft cover by clicking the link below.

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